Creating Video Caption files from Live Captions

I thought this should be easily possible: You can create time code files from either voice or steno CART done through streamtext online.

“StreamText creates time coded files of all events that are written. These documents are available for 5 days after the completion of the event. During this time, you can download these files using the Timed Text Editor application. Click here to download and install the Timed Text Editor application.

Note: Only users that have access to the event through StreamText will be able to download the timed text document. Users that don’t have a StreamText login or don’t have a login to the organization that wrote the document will not be able to access the document.”

For more expensive ways:

You can also create cc files with captionmic and captionwrap:
Using CaptionMic and Captionwrap:

I *think* you can do it with CPC stuff too, but I’m not sure.