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19 thoughts on “Finding Captioned Movies

  1. Yea, but they use fandango, and always shows the message “says there are no captioned movies.” results for Grand Rapids and Lansing, where the theatre I work for shows RWC movies, so technically, it doesn’t work for me, pretending our theatres don’t exist 🙂
    (It’s because our company works with a competitor to Fandango, and Fandango doesn’t display our captioned movies as captioned. does.)


  2. So many of us deaf and retired folks live in small, out of the way communities, where >nothing< is offerred. We cannot even find a decent interpreter! It seems like the theatres would try harder to show captioned films when we are a community of mostly HOH, older and retired citizens.

    About the only solustion for us is to join Netflix or some such, but that is not a perfect solution, either!

    ~Sigh~ Lantana

    Lantana’s Latitude,


  3. That solution means that I would have to break my neck cleaning house, washing windows, etc. And what about the refreshments?

    Since the big screen t.v. would be for a hearing impaired group, perhaps I could deduct the cost from my income tax?! Hee, hee.

    Thanks, anyway.



  4. I know my area theatre shows open caption but always limit time and titles. I prefer watch movies or programs from websites, which I miss to watch on TV, It is NO CLOSED CAPTIONED. ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and other networks do not put closed caption back in what we use to watch CC on TV. Let shout the legislation to mandate all networks in website must provide CLOSED CAPTION (CC).


  5. I can see my old webmastering in the deaf access films site. I aint complaining. But its nice to see it being used.


    • Hi Bill and Richard,

      I’m the owner of I am not aware of Richard Roehm. I openly use open source code and code snippets to build and operate my site. I’m self taught. (And clearly lacking in expertise 😦 )

      I don’t know Mr. Roehm and I don’t find Mr. Roehm’s name associated with any of the software I use to create or operate my site, so I’m not sure what he is referring to. It seems like he intends to be somewhat complimentary, but also to be trying to take some credit for being a webmaster with us. This latter suggestion is not true.




  6. i’m watching a movie, called, The Curious Case of Benjemin Button, but i’m not understanding the words because i need it close captioned….how do i get close captioned….as i am hearing impaired….please help me with it if you can…tks…kathleen



    Two and 1/2 years ago my son bought me a 42″ Panasonic Television. Shortly afterwards I realized I needed closed caption due to my loss of hearing. Satellite providers and cable companies could not supply closed captioning. They said I needed to talk to Panasonic. Panasonic said “You didn’t buy a television set you only bought a monitor.” Because of the great cost in producing large TV’s they were taking shortcuts and leaving the tuners out since everyone would be getting their service from cabel or satallite companies. Fortunately my son had bought the TV at Costco which at the time had a lifetime satisfaction guarantee on TV’s. (They don’t anymore). A year and a half ago we returned the “monitor” to Costco and bought a brand new 42″ inch TELEVISION SET (not monitor). I was using cable at the time but I recently decided to try Satellite. I found out that the new Panasonic Television Set could not supply me with Closed Captioning on HD channels via Satellite. So I have returned to Cable for this service. Panasonic acknowledges that something to do with the cables that are necessary to bring in Satellite.



    “Film of the Month”

    Gordon Vasquez / REALTVFILMS

    Brooklyn Girl Productions


    World Premiere
    Thursday, October 15th

    LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (10/8/09) – When you can’t tell the difference between dreams… and nightmares… who do you trust? Brooklyn Girl Productions presents the world premiere of the film Simone at the LA Femme Film Festival on Thursday, October 15, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.

    Simone is a psychological thriller that exposes the ultimate dating nightmare. Written and directed by Jenine Mayring (From Silence to Sound). Starring T.L. Forsberg (See What I’m Saying), Tyrone Giordano (Untraceable, The Family Stone), Adam Hann-Byrd (Halloween H20, Little Man Tate) and Judi Beecher (Four Days, Four Hours). Stunning cinematography by veteran John Tarver, CSC (Screamers: The Hunting, Kaw). Music by Genie Award and two-time Gemini Award nominated composer Steve London (That Beautiful Somewhere), featuring additional music by multi-platinum award-winning producer/songwriter Adrian Gurvitz (“Even If My Heart Would Break,” The Bodyguard) and songwriter/singer T.L. Forsberg (KRIYA).

    Multi award-winning director/producer/writer Jenine Mayring comments, “September is Deaf Awareness Month, which inspired me to have the world premiere subtitled in English, thereby making the screening accessible to both hearing and deaf audiences.” Actors T.L. Forsberg and Tyrone Giordano are both prominent members of the deaf community. Giordano played the lead role in the critically acclaimed revival of Big River, choreographed and directed by Jeff Calhoun, which was nominated for two Tony® Awards, including Best Revival of a Musical. Forsberg is a singer who is famous for incorporating sign language into her live performances. Mayring is a former American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter and instructor whose credits as an ASL consultant include various films and hit TV shows, such as ER and nip/tuck.

    The world premiere of Simone is at 10:00am on Thursday, October 15th, at Davidson/Valentini Theatre located at 1125 North McCadden Place in Los Angeles, California. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Jenine Mayring and actors T.L. Forsberg and Tyrone Giordano.

    Visit Brooklyn Girl Productions on the Web at

    Brooklyn Girl Productions is a knockout production company™. We produce films and commercials with high production value, a sense of humor, and a smile. Our mission is to entertain and empower people through our various artistic endeavors, while creating a positive environment both on and off the set. To reduce the impact of our productions on the earth, we are committed to a “green” philosophy from start to finish on each and every project. We love what we do, why wouldn’t we? For more information, visit

    # # #


  9. FINALLY, a movie in the theater that is fully Close Caption! I walked in on the movie “Battle Los Angeles” and to my surprise it was Closed Captioned just like if I was at home. It is about time! Why all movies can’t be closed caption in the theater is beyond me. People watching the screen never have any comments or complaints when the subjects in the movie talk a foreign language that is captioned for their sake…like “Letters From Iwo Jima” why, the whole movie was in Japanese!
    Lets hope this is a step in the right direction!!!!!



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