9 thoughts on “Caption Resources

  1. Hi. Virginia Beach (Ocean) gave me your site and referred me to you. I have a feature length documentary which needs closed captioning. Do you do that? My project is 1 hr 22 min long, and has about 30 minutes more in the DVD extras section. I would love to find out how long it would take and how much you would charge. Also, what would you need from me, to do this? Are you available to work soon?
    Thanks so much. Jo Carson


  2. I’m curious how do I add closed caption on DVD? We have business and alot of deaf people wants to get in business but our DVD doesn’t have closed caption.


  3. If you don’t mind point me to website where I could learn more about how open captioned movies work. Every time I go to Regal Cinema to see a captioned movie, 99% chance it doesn’t show caption until one of us comes out and complains to steward or manager, they scramble to get projectionist to turn caption on. It gets TIRESOME! Also the brightness of color caption fades. I strain my eyes to read them.

    Bill please if you can email me privately explaining how or refer me to websites. It will be VERY MUCH appreciated!


    • NAD has a section on their website “”Movie Captioning Technology”- http://www.nad.org/issues/technology/movie-captioning/technologies that does a good job overall. From what I understand, and from your question, I would presume that they use the DTS Subtitling System that uses a second projector. The brightness of the captions will dim as the bulb ages, so make sure the management knows, and if they are unresponsive, make your complaint known to to Regal Cinema headquarters.


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