Tommy Edison : Accessibility Stuff (video with cc)

Cool Stuff For Blind, Deaf, or Non-Verbal People

I used to help out donating closed captions for TommyEdisonExperience (TXP) and Blind Film Critic (BFC).

1. Glad they are continuing to add closed captioning.

2. Showing Interesting stuff at the Annual International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference in San Diego, California.

harpo – technographics raised line drawings for blind,

Caption Call – Captioned phones for those with hearing loss

AbleNet – Communication for learning and speech difficulties


Freemake 3.0: Easy Video HTML5 Video for Windows

I found a video converter that I’m pretty impressed with.John Candy as Del Griffith from Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I have been using Handbrake, VLC, and odd assortments of command line ffmpeg to convert videos.

In the process of binging other methods, I found Freemake a (free) video converter which just hit 3.0, and added the ability to create HTML5 video. And HTML5 video with burned in subtitles that almost works!
(I can view the video on DroidX, iPhone, Chrome, and IE. For some reason Firefox is having trouble. VLC can read the ogv file.)


Screenshot of showing html5 and other output
Simple User Interface

Summary: It did what I needed. Soft subtitles* would be nicer – but the fact that it handles them at all is cool.

* “Soft” subtitles, or soft subs, are subtitles applied at playback time from a subtitle datafile, either muxed directly into the video file (.mkv, .ogm, etc.), or in a separate file (.ssa, .srt, etc.).

(citation from

Video Captioning Essentials Web Course

Maybe something like this could be required for film and media coursework: (Let me know if you need to hire a guest instructor).

Free online Course on Captioning Essentials

Module 1: Getting Started

Module 2: Introduction to Web Video Captioning
Why Caption Online Video
It’s the Law!
Accessbility’s Value
What Are Video Captions?
Closed vs. Open Captions
Recorded and Live Captioning
How It’s Done: Recorded Captions
How Long Does It Take to Caption a Video?
Recorded Captions: YouTube
Style Guidelines
Creating a Caption File
Caption File Formats
Activating a Caption File
Embedding Captions
How It’s Done: Live Captions
Exercise: Justifying Captioning

Module 3: How to Caption Web Videos In-House
What You’ll Learn
Why Captions Videos In-House?
Overview of Options
Web-Based Captioning Tools
Advantages of Web-Based Captioning
Disadvantages of Web-Based Captioning
Types of Web-Based Captioning Tools
Computer-Based Captioning Programs
Advantages of Captioning Software
Disadvantages of Captioning Software
Offline Captioning Software
YouTube Captioning

Module 4: How to Caption Live Web Videos
What You’ll Learn
Live Event Setup
Real-Time Web Captioning Process
Contracting a Real-Time Captioner
Using Voicewriting Technology
Operating Your Own Streaming Video
Assignment: Real-Time Captioning

Module 5: How to Contract for Captioning Services
What You’ll Learn
Vendor Acquistion Process
Vendor Acquistion Process: Needs Assessment
Vendor Acquistion Process: Delivering Your Product
Vendor Acquistion Process: Defining Your Requesgt
Vendor Acquistion Process: Researching Potential Vendors
Producing the Captions
Assignment: Identifying Caption Service Providers

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