Video Captioning Essentials Web Course

Maybe something like this could be required for film and media coursework: (Let me know if you need to hire a guest instructor).

Free online Course on Captioning Essentials

Module 1: Getting Started

Module 2: Introduction to Web Video Captioning
Why Caption Online Video
It’s the Law!
Accessbility’s Value
What Are Video Captions?
Closed vs. Open Captions
Recorded and Live Captioning
How It’s Done: Recorded Captions
How Long Does It Take to Caption a Video?
Recorded Captions: YouTube
Style Guidelines
Creating a Caption File
Caption File Formats
Activating a Caption File
Embedding Captions
How It’s Done: Live Captions
Exercise: Justifying Captioning

Module 3: How to Caption Web Videos In-House
What You’ll Learn
Why Captions Videos In-House?
Overview of Options
Web-Based Captioning Tools
Advantages of Web-Based Captioning
Disadvantages of Web-Based Captioning
Types of Web-Based Captioning Tools
Computer-Based Captioning Programs
Advantages of Captioning Software
Disadvantages of Captioning Software
Offline Captioning Software
YouTube Captioning

Module 4: How to Caption Live Web Videos
What You’ll Learn
Live Event Setup
Real-Time Web Captioning Process
Contracting a Real-Time Captioner
Using Voicewriting Technology
Operating Your Own Streaming Video
Assignment: Real-Time Captioning

Module 5: How to Contract for Captioning Services
What You’ll Learn
Vendor Acquistion Process
Vendor Acquistion Process: Needs Assessment
Vendor Acquistion Process: Delivering Your Product
Vendor Acquistion Process: Defining Your Requesgt
Vendor Acquistion Process: Researching Potential Vendors
Producing the Captions
Assignment: Identifying Caption Service Providers

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