2 More Guys Captioning the Internet

“Met” Two more guys out to caption the internet.

Jeff at http://captvids.com/
– they take requests too. They put the captioned videos in YouTube CC, adding to the amount of CC captioned videos on youtube. Hurray!

The other one, I introduced to you before, Frank “Subtitleman” Hadzalic youtube/deafsubtitles. Frank uses a more “karaoke” style of subtitling, rolling on the words as they flow. He burns them on to the video with Windows Movie Maker, so that deaf/hh can download the videos with the captions intact. Frank has given me the permission to add the to the captioned internet, bringing the collection to over 900 videos now.

Two unique individuals, two unique methods. Both providing a better internet for the deaf/hh and all those others who appreciate dialogue and lyrics onscreen.

Thanks Jeff and Frank! Keep it up!