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Exciting news for Captionfish! A buyer has purchased us and we are happy to announce that we will stay open and continue to provide our top-notch captioned movie search service! Thank you for your continued loyalty!

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Captionfish: One year of finding Captioned Movie Showtimes

Back in 2007 I was working for a movie theater that was providing Rear Window Captioning. Through a series of events I came across deafread and started learning more. From Banjo and Proud Geek I learned about captioning online video, and began captioning movie trailers on Overstream in 2007.

In late December of 2007, deafread started publishing my blog, and during that hayday, I received hundreds and even thousands of views.

The evolution of CaptionfishWhich brings us up to the present. One year ago, Captionfish began, providing showtimes for captioned movies. I was happy to have my captioned movie trailers have a real “home”.

Thank you Captionfish for providing captioned movie showtimes – and now, subtitled showtimes, theater showtimes, and descriptive audio showtimes! What a great service, and some great folks!

One Year letter:
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