VEVO: Oh, That’s What They’re Saying

VEVO Music Videos with Lyrics

"But When One Little Cross Leads to Shots Grit Your Teeth"
The Fixx, One Thing Leads to another - "But When One Little Cross Leads to Shots Grit Your Teeth"

Well, a year or so into it, VEVO does have SOME music videos available with Lyrics. I found 2 out of their best of 2010 playlist with lyrics –  Justin Beiber w Lyrics , Lady Gaga Telephone (Explicit) with Lyrics.

Others: The Fixx: One thing leads to Another

Lady Gaga: Bad Romance and many other LG: Look for the word Lyrics

Marilyn Manson : Obscene and others with Lyrics

Black Eyed Peas : Pump It and others

It looks like the only way to find videos with lyrics is to look on the artist page, and look for the lyrics box.

If you’re on Twitter, you can let @VEVO know you’d like more Lyrics, and a search by lyrics available.

Other Artists with Lyrics on Some songs with Lyrics (1) (1)


Others Without Any:


Far East Movement

Miley Cyrus

Selena Gomez

Diddy Dirty-Money

Britny Fox

Guns – n Roses

Hall & Oates





Thousands of Captioned and Subtitled Videos Rendered Unusable by YouTube

March 20, 2010, provider of online captioning and subtitling tool that overlays captions on top of YouTube, has been blocked from using YouTube videos.

It is unclear whether this is a blocking of all third party videos, or just Overstream. If anyone has any specifics, please post.
[Edit:3/21 – Looking at whether this may be an api change that Overstream did not account for]
Anyhow, the net result is that hundreds of captioned movie trailers, and thousands of subtitles in many languages, are rendered useless.

Thanks for the warning, YouTube.

Working on getting movie trailers up somewhere else.

For now, try TrailerSpy or dotSUB.