When it all goes quiet…


I had just been thinking the other day. I’ve captioned over 800 videos on dotSUB  Why dotSUB?  That is a short story for another post. Here is the story of how it started http://web.archive.org/web/20110624051846/http://deafpundit.wordpress.com/2007/05/05/subtitling-moviesvlogs/)

Burning through Bing points today, I found this older post from 2009 that was refreshing. http://speakuplibrarian.blogspot.com/2009/04/actions-speak-louder-than-words-bill.html


In the last year or more, no one has asked me to caption a video that they wanted to see.

No one has requested a trailer that they did not find on captionfish. (although I did see someone link to the page, say there was no trailer and not bother to request it).

No one has mentioned spelling or character errors in a video I have captioned.

Since I don’t work for a theater anymore, I rarely see a movie. Due to technical complications, none of the captioned movies in my area are listed on captionfish, so no one  I know locally benefits from my captioning or captionfish.

And doggone it, movies are big money! They should be spending money on captioning trailers. (anyone want to start sending them bills?)


Still, It’d be nice to know if it still matters. There are a couple hours a week that I could spend on something more important and of longer lasting value than movie trailers.



2 thoughts on “When it all goes quiet…

  1. Hi Bill. It matters to me, only this week I requested someone caption a trailer for a movie I was interested in via twitter (https://twitter.com/SubtitleYouTube/status/477462561441345537 )and I got it. I do wish the movie distributors did it by default though. The nature of most movie trailers by the fact that they often have a lot of voice over makes them more inaccessible than most video clips for me in the sense that I cannot rely on lip-reading ability to make sense of the words I know are being said but cannot make out.


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