Captioning Advocacy – Little by Little

Last night was the first Christmas program – or any service for that matter – in our church. Karyn of Tennessee Captioning provided remote CART, streamed through the internet on Streamtext on to a big screen in our church.
Phone Camera Photo of Captions at Calvary

I “met” through – “Collaborative For Communication Access Through Captioning”.

Me, with Headset, CaptionMic Software, doing Voice CaptioningI was connected to CCAC because of my volunteer Voice Captioning at Calvary (see also) , where we provide closed caption access to Sunday Services.

I do that, because of (deaf) David B’s work for a year at trying to get captioning going at our church.
Me coming on board, help from our Special Needs guy, my wife’s talking to the people on the board directly while interviewing for membership (with a guy who “happens” to be connected with DOOR international).

I got involved in that project, because of my involvement in captioning movie trailers and other internet videos (somewhere between 400700 videos captioned now).

I got involved in that because of some help from Banjo’s world and Deaf Geek, getting started with creating online captions.

I started captioning movie trailers when I “met” my first deaf person I knowingly met, (my town is known for our Oral Deaf programs, so who knows for sure…) who contacted the theater that I worked for about some incorrect showtimes.

Petit à Petit L’oiseau Fait Son Nid

The literal translation is “a bird builds it’s nest little by little” but the deeper meaning is more along the lines of “with time and perseverance goals can always be accomplished”