Closed Captions on Comcast DVR

Since Comcast didn’t put a button for Closed Captions on the remote, I hadn’t turned on the CC.

It’s easy, but not intuitive.

1. Turn off the DVR.
2. Press Menu
3. Scroll down to captions, and go right to enable.
4. Press Menu to close
5. Press power to turn it back on.

You can do it with the remote to.
Press DVR at the top.
Press Power (no no, not the red one – the other one)
Press Menu
Use the Down Arrow to scroll down to Captions
Press the right arrow to enable.
Press Menu
Press Power

A CC button woulda’ been nicer. My wife doesn’t like CC, but the rest of the family does.

But there are a lot of style options to make your captions readable.


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