Universal Subtitles Project Plans Vimeo Support

If you follow caption news online, you know how long we have been bugging Vimeo to get subtitle/cc support.

The Universal Subtitles project has announced plans to add support for subtitling Vimeo projects.

This latest release adds more video compatibility, so we now support Theora, WebM, YouTube, and blip.tv. We’ll be adding more support for things like Vimeo, mp4, mp3, and flv in the very near future.

They probably will use the the megaloop api, as it is against their terms of service to play it in another player unless you use their megaloop api http://vimeo.com/forums/topic:22628#comment_2665100.

If anyone has experience with using the megaloop api with captions, I’d like to get my sample fixed and working to use JWPlayer with megaloop http://billcreswell.com/JWPlayer_From_Vimeo

Maybe the next best thing to actual Vimeo support?


If Universal Subtitles does add Vimeo, it might be enough incentive to try it out.

I am still using dotSUB for online captioning, because I like the keyboard shortcuts, and because you upload your own videos to caption. Anytime you caption someone else’s video, you are subject to them removing it, making your work worth less. Have had that happen way too often with YouTube videos.


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