Props to Turner Classic Movies (and whoever did the captions)

Wow, while doing cardio, I stumbled about Turner Classic Movies on cable tv, playing the Brothers Grimm with captions. With Awesome Captions! With Excellent Presentation (not in front of the images)! Without Commercial Interruption!

Nice Job, Captioner! Nice Job Turner! [cheers and applause]

Small questions, not to take away from my amazement
1. Aren’t the places with music only supposed to have a musical note throughout? It would at least let channel surfers now that it was captioned.

2.They also played the intermission screen, although the music/lyrics weren’t captioned I wonder why this small omission?

Again just questions. Not to take away from my amazement and entertainment experience this morning. Thanks for helping me through my Reebok Cross Trainer experience. I appreciate it Ted, and company!