Tech Closeup – Ken Harrenstein/TV Raman’

Google engineers work to make technology accessible to all. TV Raman is developing cell phone software on Google’s Android operating system and Ken Harrenstien is developing closed captioning for online videos. Segment appeared in Tech Closeup program April 2009.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


One thought on “Tech Closeup – Ken Harrenstein/TV Raman’

  1. hi Raman and Ken…. wish you all the success in making information/entertainment and whatever else is available through the internet and mobile availble to the Deaf, Blind, Hearing, and Sighted and whatever other category we belong to by birth and or by choice…..

    I have cousins who are blind and a daughter who is deaf…. and i like the noise off on tv myself sometimes….God Bless you and your teams



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