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22frames is accessibility focused video search and discovery.
The web offers a world of quality videos for our enjoyment and enlightenment. However, for a large population of Internet users* who are unable to hear, understand, or enable the audio content of videos, finding ones to watch can be a pain. Captioned videos are an answer; however, they are generally scattered and/or mixed with all other videos across the Internet. Up until now, there was no central place to easily and reliably search for and discover captioned videos across multiple video hosts. 22frames was built, in part, to provide such a place. In turn, an additionally important goal is to drive significant traffic to caption friendly video hosts and creators.

By continually indexing videos from these multiple hosts, this site offers an increasingly comprehensive catalog covering many different topics. Indexing is mostly automated using APIs and specialized web crawlers. User submissions of videos and channels also play an important role.


2 thoughts on “Huh. 22Frames – Captioned Video Indexing

  1. They contacted me recently as well – 22Frames is a great concept! And I love that you are voluntarily captioning things – that’s awesome. 😀

    One of our earliest supporters is hearing impaired and asked us to post subtitles to the LUMINA the Web Series trailer. Since then we’ve posted subs in English, Japanese, French, Spanish, traditional Chinese and Norwegian – and we’re hoping to add more as we go! I also noticed that most people don’t seem to understand the CC button on YouTube, so we have embedded the videos with subs automatically appearing in the selected language. It would be great if YouTube makes that an Embed Option so you don’t have to fiddle the HTML code directly – I think more people would do it and more people would become aware of it.


  2. I think YouTube should just be consistent. Sometimes there is a separate CC Button on the bar (I like that), other times it in the triangle box in the right – either as “CC” or as “=”.


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