You’ve heard Deanne Bray will be on Heroes? She’s now Social Networks

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From her website:

Air Dates for Heroes
Written by Deanne Bray
Sunday, 23 August 2009
Hi friends!

I would love it if you could start tuning in with Heroes on September 21st, their first airing date of the fourth season. My character will be on during episodes airing on October 5th, October 12th and October 19th. I will be in multi episodes in season 4 and I am not sure when the next few will be airing. As of now, this is a start. Also, there’s a 7-year old Deaf girl, Rose Crisman, who will be on the episode of October 19th as one of the children patients background.

Update: First appearance might be on the 28th of September, please check your local listing.

October 5th
October 12th
October 19th
Have a great time with Heroes!