1000+ Captioned/Subtitled Videos

My Collection of Captioned and Subtitled internet videos just went over the 1000 mark!
Mind you, these aren’t all my captions! Some of these are by CaptVid.com, some by fellow overstream users, and some just found on Youtube and other sources.

(I have over 438 captioned on overstream, plus a few here and there captioned other ways).

View them at either:

Whichever view you prefer. All the collection does is embed the files, so the original video uploaders to receive credit in their “views”.



6 thoughts on “1000+ Captioned/Subtitled Videos

  1. Huzzahs for the good work you are doing! I hope that the many hits you will gather will be evidence to show the powers that be that captioning is indeed used and attracts viewers.


  2. I don’t know if you noticed – 20,000 views on that collection in the last month.

    It’s like I mentioned in the post about the cost of not captioning – it’s silly for the relatively small price of online captioning, for a business, or anyone who care about the words that are spoken, not to do it.

    I’m glad for all the other people jumping in and captioning. Overstream users benguev and thndrslilangl have each captioned a lot of music videos, and http://CaptVids.com – what can you say – their goal is 3-4 videos a day! They are at 120 videos, having just opened in August 29!

    There will always be the people who can’t, and won’t caption, but it’s nice to see it gaining!


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