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    • Helen Keller learned sign language first and then lerned to speak..she was eventually able to both sign and speak..

      • This has brought tears to my eyes. Reason is I first met Helen Keller at Texas School for the Deaf in the fall of 1939. I was only ten yrears old at the time. Today I’m 80 years old. I have n’t forgotten her as she has learn my earlier life which I was abuse and didn’t understand when she said she and I were alike. Untill I read her book and seen the movie of her ,life then I understand why. Truth is when I was ten yeras old that when I learn my name. I hope there is arecord at the Texas School for the Deaf to prove my short story. Supervisor was Mr Wright and teacher was Mrs Dunn to whom she had me meet Helen Keller. To think back, all I can say is “What a gal”.

    • For more footage of Helen Keller see “Deliverance” made around 1919 and “Helen Keller in Her Story” 1954. Both have Helen in them. “Her story shows more of the communication style she used, but with Polly Thompson who replaces Annie Sullivan after Annie’s death. Deliverance is hard to find- Perkins School for the Blind in Waltham Mass has a copy.

  1. What a rare find, and thanks for making this accessible for all of us! Fascinating Newsrell! Where and how did you find this?

    • Ha, ha. Yes, we “hearies” do need some extra help sometimes! Even more amazing than Ms. Keller learning to sign and to speak: She was a political activist and fought for many great causes. I love Ms. Keller because she always fought for the things that were important to her.

  2. What a gem find, Bill – I have only seen movies made about Helen Keller and some old photos…but never a footage.

    Thanks for captioning the video – and oh, thanks for captioning a few PJ videos! ;) :D

    Thanks for all hard work you have put into captioning videos to give us full access and we deeply appreciate it very much!

  3. Thanks! Instead of playing video games trying to get a high score, I try to race against the number of movie trailers being released. I am started to gain….

    http://dvd-subtitles.com/trailers.html has my score at “163” – most major movies released since 2007 have been captioned.

    If you find any more PJ videos you want captioned, lemme know.

  4. Fascinating… Wonder what other(deaf power, audism, AntiCI group ,etc will react to that…
    Will they put any blames on her for movement of “audism”?

  5. Thank U so much Bill for your work,, I am always in awe when you post videos of this type and the musical videos ( like the Peter Seeger one )
    I hope you realize how much alot of us DO APPRECIATE what U do :-)

  6. Wow, that’s wonderful! How incredibly rare and inspiring to see somebody like Helen and Anne “live”! I never thought I’d get to see them “live” other than photos! This is a rare treat and I really enjoyed it. I read her autobiography years ago, it was so awesome! Thank you so much for posting this. Keep them coming!

  7. thanks bill,to see hellen keller talk was quite an inspiration for a mother of deaf girl like me.thanks to people like her to show nothing is impossible if one desires.

  8. Thanks Bill… 1930 – I was not here – 34 years later I born but my grandmother was 30 years old. She is lucky this time Helen is alive! i wish I meet her and tell her that she is my hero. I read about her, i watch the shows about her, and I was played Helen’s father but I am so glad to see “REAL” Helen in the chips. Thanks BILL!!

  9. That…was one of the most remarkable pieces of video I have ever seen. Incredible, thank you so much for posting it.

  10. Thank you for posting this incredible footage. It is the most powerful scene I have ever viewed. WOW! Bernie

  11. Dear Bill,

    I can not think of a better way to inform people of why Lion members are known around the world in serving the visually impaired. This video says it all!

    Thank you Bill!

  12. Dear Bill,

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful video! I had read about how Helen Keller could “hear” people speaking and that she spoke but never had the opportunity to actually hear her actual voice. The Tadoma method is really remarkable and I have tried it with my own mother who was deaf/blind and with former deaf students. It DOES help as do vibrating hearing aids which, in a way, is similar to using the Tadoma method.

    Thanks again so much for sharing this. Are there more of her speaking?


  13. Oh my gosh! So amazed! Helen must have a gift lad and ability to understand the various mode of communication by feeling on face and lip while talking and she use sign language by tactile as well. I wish I meet Helen in person but I was not even born yet.

  14. Bill, Thanks. This is great. I appreciate news reels like this being saved and shared. Helen and Anne were both brilliant people.

  15. I don’t think Helen ever learned more than finger spelling- as far as “sign language” goes. She did so much for the blind…Later in life she once commented that she wished she had done more for deaf people..
    Once a person asked her which was worse being deaf or being blind- she responded that “blindness separates you from THINGS, but deafness separates you from PEOPLE.”
    Annie did amazing work and gave her life to Helen. I just wonder what more deaf people could do with good interpreters around often, so then got more of life’s subtlies that often get missed.
    Amazing times- amazing women!!!

  16. WOW .. love that last sentence ! Helen Keller RIP ( you go girl said on the last sentence ) … Yes that s right there was not enough ASL and Fingerspelling around on her years . Until Gally founder Deaf Education ..

    My son Lance born blind and also Autism .. He so expert on fingerspelling on hand manual .
    For Helen K wow .. amazing I found out she can fluent three different lang . SHE VERY LUCKY TO HAVE Anne Sullivan to help her whole life since infant . Without her I don t know what happened to her life , like Lance has wonderful Para since 5 th grade . Remember TODAY school system so different than her time , her time was like more times . Today school system to pushy and give too much exams and said your grade is bad blah blah .. That s my option .
    Helen Keller always my icon since … Thank for sharing this RARE film on Helen Keller that make me feel good to see her as lives that I never meet her .

  17. Both I and Keren are deaf and have seen Helen Keller when she visited Deaf School in both Australia and New Zealand around 1950. Keren used to wearing hearing aid and heard her talking and its sound just like all deaf people talking without copying other people’s accent. I have photo of me sitting on Helen Keller’s lap with my eye studying her blind eye. Regards Annette Scott.

  18. Truly remarkable feat in the method utilized though I was aware that they did use a method of communication I never saw that being demonstrated so clear- makes me think of cued speech and am distant kin by Washington and Lee families link as well being deaf and UI do understand perfectly well the visit in her time with Alexander Graham Bell a very controversal fellow thoough thy did get perfectly well together … I had that thrill while visiting with my group on their interesting bus tour long time ago and will also never forget such the experience in seeing such a compact little house, the well pump and the tiny guest cottage in Alabamba. Congratuatulations on showiung such a fine film in its time capsule!

  19. This video is just amazing. I am a member of a Lion’s club. Helen Keller spoke at a Lions convention and asked them to be “Knights of the Blind.” From that time on, Lions International has concentrated on helping those with vision problems and blindness. She was truly a remarkable human being and what a role model. This makes me even prouder to be a Lion.

  20. I loved the ending, us deaf people get tired of being called ‘dumb’. Well done Bill from a Deaf Australian. I work as a teacher’s aide with deaf kids and I will try and get some teachers to watch this video. Keep up with the good work, Diana

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