A May in the Life of… My own deaf awareness

I was just thinking about all that has happened in May.

May was the anniversary of the start of my deaf awareness. – http://deafpundit.wordpress.com/2007/05/05/subtitling-moviesvlogs/

May also marked 2 years (over 300 videos) captioning. http://www.overstream.net/profile.php?username=grwebguy

May or June marked one year on DHHS Board – http://deafhhs.org/who.php

It’s been an interesting couple of years.


This May also marked the start of http://captionfish.com by some deaf guys, that finds captioned movie showtimes (and uses my trailers)

The collection of videos from many sources that I collect, I call it “The Captioned Internet” jumped to 12000 visits this month when Thnderslilangl started adding Captioned Music Videos – 78 so far!.
(The most popular videos on the site).

Thanks to all of you for watching, reading, encouraging, and being patient as I learn about captioning, culture, and deafness!


4 thoughts on “A May in the Life of… My own deaf awareness

  1. Thanks so much for volunteering your time – I love being able to see captions/subtitles on these trailers!


  2. *smiles* Can’t believe it’s been 2 years already, since I sent you that first email that helped start all of this.

    Thank you for listening, and being so open minded about the Deaf Community. It’s a rare thing. And of course, thank you for donating so much time to caption these trailers and clips.

    See ya around. 🙂


  3. Yup, you, Marty, Diane, Jared and Tayler are to blame for this ! )

    So far, with my sphere of influence, it’s not so much the mind that’s the problem, but the body. People are willing to give verbal assent to a good thing, be it captioning, interpreters, accessibility….but it mostly stops there.


  4. Don’t underestimate what you’ve done for the Deaf Community, Bill. 🙂

    You might not be able to convince others to follow through, but you are setting an example. A very good example, and it will eventually attract great notice, and changes will result from it. 🙂


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