Add subtitles to iPhone, iPod Touch, AppleTV

2010-11-05 – dotSUB now supports html5 captions on iPad! iPhone app coming soon!

Handbrake does a nice job of creating iPod/Quicktime accessible subtitles with from the mp4 file and an srt caption file.

National Center for Accessible Media

Captioning Solutions for Handheld Media and Mobile Devices –

“iSubtitle – Soft subtitled movies for your Apple gear

The first and only application to take full advantage of Apple’s soft subtitle technology. The subtitle tracks are resolution independent and they are rendered in real-time as you watch the movie. They are always displayed at the best quality possible for your device or application. “



13 thoughts on “Add subtitles to iPhone, iPod Touch, AppleTV

  1. in this case, we are talking about adding subtitles. You might be creating your own, or downloading them from a website that has subtitles (search “divx subtitles”, as an example)


  2. Sound great! But it doesn’t explain how or where we get subtitle, the file, to pitch the video together and play on certain player.


  3. That is a Rockin’ project!

    When I make captions for youtube videos in Overstream, I always offer the captions to the youtube owner, so that youtube itself will contain more captioned video.

    I used to do that with movie trailers, but they keep getting pulled for copyright violations (stupid movie studios!)


  4. Apple iPod touch 8 GB (2nd Generation)
    I have been a fan of Apple products for ages and they never let me down, great customer service, reliable hardware and good customer service.
    The latest and the greatest from Apple is the iPod Touch, it’s like a laptop but much smaller and cheaper, what makes the iPod Touch awesome are all of the Apps that available out there.
    I don’t look at my iPod Touch as just a media player anymore, it’s also the best most useful gadget i have even owned.
    My Wife loves it as well and my kids won’t put the darn thing down thanks to all the Apps for Kids available out there.
    Before the iPod Touch my Kids were playing their Nintendo DS Lite all the time and they have not touched the DS ever since i bought the Touch, it’s been months.


  5. Hi!! I’m using Window Vista. But you require Mac, so I can’t use the program, May you help me with that. Thanks a lot. Please send me an email.


  6. Hey Bill,

    This is slightly off topic, but I’ve just finished writing a subtitle viewer for the iPhone/Touch. I’m mainly targeting cinema users, but it’s pretty useful in any situation where you’re not able to bake your srt into a movie file. It’s very early days but it’s been well received so far, and I’m interested in any feedback.

    It’s available for (free) download on the App Store:


    (or search in the App Store for subtitles – it’s the one by Structure6 – orange icon).


    • Hi Dan, I recently downloaded your said app to my iphone – it’s a nice idea 🙂 I’ve successfully downloaded subtitles but not yet tried it in conjunction with watching a movie in the cinema. I must admit I wasn’t entirely sure what use it had – but now I understand your thinking!


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