Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye to re-air in April 2009

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Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Returns…to Animal Planet!
Tuesday March 24, 2009

““Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye” premieres on Animal Planet Monday, April 6, 8pm EST/PST (7pm Central/Mountain) with a 2-hour premiere. Then it will air Mondays at 9pm EST/PST (8pm Central/Mountain).”

Here’s a brief captioned clip Called Sue Thomas Remembers – featuring the real Sue Thomas!

5 thoughts on “Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye to re-air in April 2009

  1. We continue to have “Sue Thomas F B Eye” every day on CTV in Canada for the last few years, but they are repeats. Great for new viewers or sign language students… Canadians need to check the schedule in their local area.


  2. I heard an interview this morning on our local radio station about this show. The interview with the producer of the show peaked my interest. I tuned in to check it out. I thought the show was great! This is a show my children can even watch! We need more family friendly shows like this on t.v. I will tune in next week to watch!

    Omaha, NE


  3. Are you going to air new episodes of Sue Thomas FB-eye? If you are, are you going to put them back on pax tv? It is now called “I”.


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