Two More online Captioning Programs

From Accessify

I got all the way through, captioning a video with a transcript was like playing Guitar Hero, but I couldn’t figure out how to save it. Once I did, the captions (.sub format) weren’t accepted by subtitle workshop so that I could convert them to .srt for Overstream use.
This shows big promise though, because with a transcript ahead of time, this captioning was realtime. It took 5 minutes to caption a 5 minute video.
I guess this ones not ready yet? Couldn’t find a link to try it..


3 thoughts on “Two More online Captioning Programs

  1. We’re working on the CC on/off. Did you put in the feature request for the second one, I don’t recall. For now it’s all in the forums, I think we should probably open our bug database for users though…


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