Microsoft IE8 – Good Browser, Bad Website with Uncaptioned Videos

I have been enjoying the updates that Internet Explorer 8 RC1 has brought. I can remove most of my “hacks” to make Internet Explorer behave like better browsers. uses Silverlight videos to demonstrate the browser. These are uncaptioned videos. And apparently, Silverlight 1.0 doesn’t have the capability. (MS folks – that means it wasn’t ready for you to convert your site to it yet)

It appears that Silverlight V2 will support Captions –, and Microsoft Expressions has a new captioning feature in their Encoder 2 It allows you to download the learning video, but no captions or transcript available.

Way to “not” go, Microsoft. Some of the microsoft pages have a “rate your experience” survey, so if you visit the site, I encourage you to mention that lack of captioning on the videos.


One thought on “Microsoft IE8 – Good Browser, Bad Website with Uncaptioned Videos

  1. I tried with IE8 and not happy how it ran. I felt that it might be better with Vista version. I ran with XP – too many issues. I reversed to IE7. Whew!!


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