News Story about Kathy Cox – Captioned

Kathy Cox and her husband filed for bankruptcy, and the creditors want to get their hands on the money she donated to the deaf and blind schools of Atlanta.
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9 thoughts on “News Story about Kathy Cox – Captioned

  1. I was wonder why the bankrupty want to ran after her instead of she want to dontate $ to Deaf school. her decision is excellent. but the bankrupty want their money instead of dontate to Deaf school. the bankrupty have no right to take over it?

    Seem it is odd that Bankrupty do have a policy for them. They do have a choice?

    I am support Kathy’s decision and wave her. Kind of disvantaged of bankruptuy situation Kathy and her husband go through hard time with bankrupty. It also kind of disvantaged of them,too.

    Margaret aka Deaf Pixie


  2. No Problem Amy. To paraphrase, “We Are People: One and Many”.

    Deaf Pixie, the problem is, is she won on September 6th, declared bankruptcy In November. It is noble of her to offer to give money away, but it would have been responsible of her to use some of the money to pay the debts that they owed. She had to know that her family was in financial trouble before she promised to give it all away.


  3. Them creditors are evil. For years, they’ve swindled so much money out of the american public and now they want to snag it from the deaf??

    Why don’t they go ahead and be like little hitlers and go to the Superintendent’s home and pull out the silvers in their teeth!



  4. Bill,

    Kathy want to donate to GSD. but Bankruptcy seem greedy to use her decisions .. not their decide with the donation from Bankruptcy. I know it is being complications to argument between should use up with Kathy’s bankruptcy obviously wish to keep her $ for her spent on deaf school and debt problem.

    I can understand that if the person who want to donate same time she have a problem with money and owing to whom. It is uncomfortable for me if I want to be likely Kathy, I will support her decision.

    Bankruptcy want to be more greedy from her debt she owed. fight between over money! It is kind of childless by people who work for bankruptcy!


  5. somebody needs to call 911 and tell them that the emergency is that the stupid idiots trying to steal kathy’s money. what kathy should have done FIRST was donate the money then AFTER the money is given away THEN she can file for bankruptcy. that way, she would not have had any of these problems.


  6. That is awful what evil people are doing to her. She WON !! those money!! She has every right to use whatever she wants. SHE WON!! she can decide what she want to do it. That is Passion of LOVE for doing something for the Community of way helping the KIDS in School for who loves the DEAF Community is of her way of showing she is supporting this Groups!! Is is her money!!! Bankruptcy seem greedy for money. The Bankruptcy is really STUPID!! and DUMB!! It is Kathy Cox’s money. She earn that hard work!! Why not helping the Community. Many Deaf Children and Hard of Hearing needs the Educational but the money needs to be put in her Name or School name so that way or in Organziation in the BANK so that way people can not take ADVANTAGE of the money!! She has right to following her ADA Laws for her right. She has right to have a lawyer to protect her money. It so sad!! I am Deaf. I see many deaf and disablity children who can not read or write. The Speical Education is very important for the children Sake. All the Bankruptcy and Federal Governement steal the AMERICAN PEOPLE MONEY. How evil and selfish is that!! LOOK those AMERICA People that the President should have Prosime the America People , Look at us. NO job. No food and hard to find a job speically a Deaf parents raising a hearing children.. People are selfish with money greedy!!!! Speically Bankruptcy. They should have a program where Kathy Cox could pay a monthly like 100.00 ever two weeks to get her DEBIT out. IF a person won a lottery or money. It is really nice to have that. LOOK all those RICH people . Do they help the community?????????? Look at the Government is really bad for the America people. They steal and they took the America People money and They are greedy money for hungry drugs!! What a ashame!!


  7. The situation Kathy and her husband put themselves in is unfortunate. The problem here is not that the bankruptcy people are bad, but are put in a bad situation. The money she won is concidered income to her. Since they decided to go bankrupt that has to be concidered in paying back what they owe. What should have happened is they should have waited until it was given to the schools then filed for bankruptcy. I wish the schools could have the money, but it was handled the wrong way. If anyone thinks I am wrong I hope you can show me my error.


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