Welcome Back to Tubecaption

Welcome back to Tubecaption.

For those of you who are not familiar, tubecaption is an online captioning system for youtube videos.

It’s interface is unique, because you can take a transcript and insert it, and it will give a guess as to where it goes. When it works well, it saves a lot of time, and it works especially well in situations like music videos, with a consistent “rhythm”.

I also like the “CC” option, for turning captions on and off.

TubeCaption had been offline for a few months but now they are back, and the videos are still there.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


One thought on “Welcome Back to Tubecaption

  1. Hi Bill,

    Ill try that and see if I can add my transcript to my youtube video. Am I correct that When I uploaded my youtube video (no audio) and sign in with tubecaption and add my transcript to it there?

    Just curious… If correct, I would love to share this with DeafVideo.tv and teach them how to do that. I know someone who made it after many hours on just to added caption.

    Thank you for share this with us all.


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