Full Disclosure: I made a buck twenty-five

I have always done the captioning for fun, for attention, for a diversion that has meaning.

Last month, vodpod opened “revenue sharing” – allowing users to split ad revenue. I figured I’d try it.

I made $1.25 in December. That means in less than 100 months, I could receive my first check from the ads.
(only on http://billc.vodspot.tv)

Just wanted you to know, because it seemed “insincere” for me to attempt to make money of these captions, without saying it.

This blog, and overstream (my captioning tool), do not cost money, nor make money. I do not get paid for captioning, I do it for fun, and now for $1.25 a month.

Just seemed right to let you know.


2 thoughts on “Full Disclosure: I made a buck twenty-five

  1. Hi Bill.

    Is there something we can do to help you generate those dollars and cents? Can we click on adds or buttons or make requests? Will that help? I also have an Amazon carousel over on my side bar on my blog that brings in a few cents now and then when people buy things. I had other ads from google that were supposed to bring in a few cents when people clicked and read, but google was selecting those adds based on the most common words I had in my post, and I wasn’t always pleased with seeing ear wax removal on ads on my side bar. Ha. So I switched to Amazon. They have broader products and stuff that actually is of interest to many. My husband brought in close to $400 for a couple of months through ads on his blog. So that buck twenty five may turn out to be more than you think. 🙂 This is one way I reimburse myself the costs that I put in to my web host and media player that bring my videos better quality. I have to pay for those. What you do with the captions is of great value. I have certainly enjoyed them and will be glad to click away on your site if it helps you out. Let us know.


    ~ LaRonda


  2. *chuckles* Thanks!

    I really don’t need the money – I am really grateful for the free tools that allow me to do this – youtube, myspace, overstream, vodpod…

    And all the people who already take the time to upload videos – MySpace Trailer Park, and others.

    It would be such a pain to download, caption and upload these all myself. With free captioning software, free blog hosting, free video hosting…Captioning is just me giving back into this Creative Common we call the Internet.


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