HQ/HD YouTube Captioned Movie Trailers

Take a look at these trailer embeds for the X-Men Wolverine Trailer and see if you can tell the difference among these trailers.

I have been working with WatchMovieTrailers2 to see about providing Movie Trailers in higher quality, with the added benefit that YouTube has the CC on/off option.




Hat Tip to this link for some of the information on HQ/HD youtube.


4 thoughts on “HQ/HD YouTube Captioned Movie Trailers

  1. Merry Christmas to you!

    Since YouTube doesn’t officially support HQ/HD embeds, it may not be the same for everyone – at work I embedded all three and they looked alike. But here on this site, for me, HQ is better and HD is the best, with much more detail, although slower.


  2. And then, the copyright thing. YouTube and the movie companies are aggressive, and pull down trailers as copyright violation.

    What’s the point Disney? What’s the point Sony? The trailers are promoting your movies!


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