Obama’s Weekly Address – Dec.20, 2008 (CAPTIONED)

Remarks of the President-Elect Barack Obama
Science Team Rollout Radio Address

Chicago, Illinois
Captioned by Overstream user “Accessibility”

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One thought on “Obama’s Weekly Address – Dec.20, 2008 (CAPTIONED)

  1. As I understand it the internet was NOT an American idea, albeit they made it viable. It was developed in the UK. As far as climate responsibility, does Obama recognise it was the AMERICANS that have blocked the protection of the envionment by refusing to sign agreements to limit harmful emissions ? Americans contributing as much as most to the demise of it ?

    Bush’s idea was to grow trees and let them soak up the cr*p, except South America has decimated its rain forests to supply NORTH America with wood and supply beef to the ever-widening American waistlines…. Obama promises much can he deliver ? He’s there now, the talking must stop, and the action taken to make it work. He’s going to have to squeeze the American tax-payer till he or she squeals to do it.

    We have ALWAYS lived in a World economy, basically the Americans live for America, they are going to have to make a LOT of concessions if they want in to it now. I’m wondering if this technology he talks about is more military than eco-friendly… after the failure of Vietnam and Iraq, one hopes they can learn from it. You know what they say about pride, and what follows…


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