New Captions on NBC

It appears that more captions have been added to NBC full episode player since I last checked.

Only full episode player – clips and shorts don’t have captions

New, or at least I didn’t find before:
Chuck Full Episodes
The Office Full Episodes

I just checked a few more – testing is a pain, because they all show a CC logo, whether they have captions or not, the intros are not captioned, and if you advance the player, you automatically get another ad for 15-30 secs.

Still Not Captioned
Biggest Loser Episodes and clips
SNL Episodes and clips
Crusoe Episodes and clips
Late Night with Conan – Full Episodes
Earl – Full Episodes

Any other notes, please post them – there is no apparent way to identify them or search for them.

And don’t forget to let NBC know you want them.

NBC Ad sellers and Advertisers, please note that 15 sec ads are much more annoying on the web than on tv – please limit to 10 seconds or less.