Star Trek Revised Trailer w. Leonard Nimoy (Spock) – Captioned

Director:J.J. Abrams
Writers (WGA):Roberto Orci (written by) &Alex Kurtzman (written by)
Release Date:8 May 2009 (USA)
Genre:Action | Adventure | Drama | Sci-Fi
Plot:A chronicle of the early days of James T. Kirk and his fellow USS Enterprise crew members.

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11 thoughts on “Star Trek Revised Trailer w. Leonard Nimoy (Spock) – Captioned

  1. Yea!!!! loved it!!! I’ve been hardcore Star Trekkies since 1976… now this is called “Reboot” Star Trek with a bang! gonna be a hit next summer May 2009

    so sad William Shatner not in it! but Chris Pine is hotter!

    thanks for the captions!

    🙂 Gary


  2. Someone tampered with the timeline, so the timeline we are used to with the original Star Trek series has been disrupted. That is how we can have a “reboot” of the original series, without causing storyline contradictions. Everyone looks different, but the roles are the same.

    Kirk goes through an abusive uncle that he did not in the original timeline, so he is a much darker man. That is his abusive uncle’s prized sports car he is intentionally wrecking there as a kid.

    The old original Spock is the one attempting to restore the timeline as closely as possible… the one at the end of this trailer. Apparently for some reason the original timeline cannot be restored perfectly?


  3. Hi ST fans,

    My understanding about this new ST film will have the gay storyline involving young Academy trainees.

    It is a time for the trailbrazer of Star Trek’s so-called diversity cast.

    The young Vulcan (Spock) is really well-casted which I always love the Skylar character on NBC’s tv show – “Heroes”.

    ST Fan,

    Thanks for sharing your personal knowledge with us about the timeline disprution. Not really surprising with the film director, J. Abrham and his own style.

    Pretty action-packed film unlike other past ST and STNG films!



  4. If you want more info about the sexuality on “Star Trek” franchises why they never had any GLBT characters in despite of lebasian kiss on one of the ST franchise tv shows.

    Check out

    If not workable, then type “Star Trek and gay” on any search engine. Okay?

    Gary Brooks,

    Sadly, you seems fixated on the looks of any human beings, especially actor Chris Pine.

    That would be seen as a “lookism” equalivent to “audism”, “racism” and
    “sexism”. We should see more in human beings than based on looks as what Gene Roddenbury and the Star Trek fans would envision for the non-judgement and predjucial society in the 24th Century.

    Actor Chris Pine is really okay. Most important of all, is to ensure the real equality within our humanity than preoccupying with “lookism”, “sectionalism”, “groupism” and whatever you could call them.

    Captain Picard of the STNG have been the great role model for bald-headed guys around the world and make people take a second look at those guys without battering any eyelashes with prejudices and societial lookdowns.

    I challenge you, Gary Brooks to date the non-appealing gay guy to educate yourself about the real importance of humanity than overelying upon external human appearances. Comprendo?

    Beam yourself up to the galaxies of new frontier to broaden your mindset and explore the fine aspects of our humanity.

    Captain Robert L. Mason,
    U.S.S. Deaf Enterprise

    That would be real nice for us to produce our own Deaf Star Trek film in spoof of the audistic Star Trek. I would be love to write up the screenplay for the Deaf Star Trek film.

    Peace out,
    RLMDEAf blog


  5. I recently found out that there will be NO gay characters on the new ST film!

    What a shocker! That is kinda a slap on the face of ST GLBT fans around the world!

    Don’t the Parmount film studio learn anything about the vision of Gene Roddenbury for the real equality within our humanity?

    Let’s boycott the new Star Trek until the demands of including gay and DEAF characters in the next Stark Trek sequel film.



  6. Gary,

    I did the Internet browsing for actor Chris Pines and shirtless.

    Jeez, Chris Pines do have a lousy pecs and abs appeared shirtless in “Just My Luck” film.

    Actor Zac Efron would be much better choice than Chris Pines. Zac begun to bulge himself, instead of feminzing himself for too long time. I used to hate Zac for being too vain, but bulging himself changed my mind about him.

    Chris Pines’ face is really a good-looking and easy to look at, but his body need more work.



  7. Gary,

    it is not a reboot and “Reboot” is the word that the media have used. J.J. Abrams prefers to have reinvigoration of the franchise because he. along with co-writers Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman want to introduce a story about how the crew get together for the first time which will create alot of character arcs from the old Original Series show and movies.


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