Late Show – When Alec Baldwin Met Sarah Palin – Captioned

Alec Baldwin on Late Night, discussing the SNL Sketch with Sarah Palin

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2 thoughts on “Late Show – When Alec Baldwin Met Sarah Palin – Captioned

  1. Bill!!!!!

    Your captioning this segment really helped all of us to understand where and how the words, “Bible Spice” came from!

    Now, I know!

    Palin = Bible Spice! Hahahhahaha that’s hilarious!

    Go Alec Baldwin!


  2. Yes!

    For those who didn’t catch it, it’s a reference to the pop uk group “the Spice Girls”.

    For a Christian, it’s actually kind of a compliment.

    I think I heard someone suggest she’d have a good future as a FOX news commentator.


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