Quick News Update: SNL, Palin, McCain, Tech

Monday Night, NBC (No-online-captions Broadcasting Company)/SNL (Shutout Nonhearing Laughter) will have a political edition, that will probably play most of the SNL sketches you may have missed, and I would guess they would be captioned, so be sure to catch up if you missed any.

my news:
I am working with a flash developer to see if I can get some kind of player to play captions as an overlay to the videos that I can’t caption through overstream (like NBC).


2 thoughts on “Quick News Update: SNL, Palin, McCain, Tech

  1. Hope you are able to work something out with them. Political SNL clips are really popular now… it’s annoying that TV broadcasters are still leaving deaf people out in the cold when watching video on the Internet.


  2. The SNL’s Presidential Bash tomorrow at 9 p.m. If they show the support for
    McCain-Palin and poke at Obama-Biden, SNL will lose me as their fan forever!


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