ABC Episode Player with Captions

Hat tip to Bionic Ear Blog

ABC Full Episode player provides captions!

They are three line, and the provide some spacial identification when appropriate. Once you turn on the captioning option with the setting options at the top of the screen, the captions will display as you watch. Otherwise, there is a CC option on the timeline. Press F11 to see it when you watch fullscreen.

There is currently no marking of which episodes have cc. I tried to watch Jimmy Kimmel Live, and there were no captions. Boston Legal did. Desperate Housewives did. Samantha Who did. Opportunity Knocks did.

Desperate Housewives offered standard or HD streaming. (standard is pretty bad)

The full minute of commercials seems like an eternity in webtime, especially when the Symbicort commercial lasts 45 secs, but you can’t watch until the full minute is up, and you have to push “Continue” or it will stay on the ad.

I give it an “A-” for effort.

ABC Player with Captions - Extreme Makeover
ABC Player with Captions - Extreme Makeover