YouTube Now Lets You Sort by CC


YouTube added some new options that allow you to filter search results by type. You can restrict the results to videos uploaded by YouTube partners, videos that have annotations or closed captions. There’s also an option to restrict the results to feature length videos, but it doesn’t seem to work yet.

Use the “partner videos” restriction to get official videos, annotations could be used for additional explanations or interactivity, while closed captions allow you to search inside the text of a video. The closed captioning features has been recently added to YouTube, so you won’t find too many subtitled videos.

This feature is already in Google Videos, which includes YouTube in the search results, so you get more results by searching with Google Video.

And my HomeGrown Captioned Video Search which adds TubeCaption and Overstream to the results.

Hurray for Progress in online captioning!


3 thoughts on “YouTube Now Lets You Sort by CC

  1. Bill,

    I’ve gotta say it, since you deal in captions. This one is too keystroke-intensive to be a typo, so let’s assume it was a brain fart: YouTube Now Let’s You Sort by CC.

    Just in case, lose the apostrophe, which causes it to read “now let uw you sort….”


  2. Thanks Rod – I hope I don’t do that a lot in my captions, but I hope if I do, I hope people feel free enough to mention it, because I would prefer them to be “perfect”, but proofreading my own materials is not very effective for me, and my wife, who excels at proofreading, does not read my materials very often.

    Thanks for the proofing.

    I watched the news yesterday, and an anchor was describing an attempted abductor , but the captioning, instead of saying “he was driving…”, it said “I was driving…”. I wished for TiVo at that moment.


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