Add Funny or Die to your list of Video Sites that Should be Captioned

Since many of the people who look at my sight are deaf or hard of hearing, I would have loved to see captions, or annotations, on this video on Funny or Die, Don LaFontaine Tribute
. Don LaFontaine was the narrator in reportedly 5,000 or more movie trailers and videos, a Geico commercial, and recently passed away. This video does some short clips, mostly saying things like “In a world where….”. You’ll recognized many movies.

However, Funny or Die has no captions, and has aggressively removed videos from YouTube, which would allow me to caption it.

This site, founded in part by Will Ferrell, has many videos worth watching, is gaining steam and winning awards.

Feel free to mention it to them, if you are interested. I did.
Potential Reference for stating the importance:
faces of captioning