BBC Fails Again: Victory For Deaf Children Transcribed.

BBC presents an uncaptioned video called “Victory For Deaf Children”. Another Irony.



Transcript: (Missing a few Proper Nouns)
Narr: Heather ? plays with her twin Megan
Heather from Darbershire is able to hear her sister and her friends much more easily now, because of a second Cochlear implant she had in February.

Heather: I found it easier with two.
I’m so happy with it, and it makes it easier for schoolwork.

Megan: When we were infants, you would really notice it on the playground, she couldn’t understand properly, and now it’s just like, fine.

Narr: Heather and her sister were born prematurely. Megan is deaf in one ear as a result, Heather lost hearing in both. She was given her first implant when she was three, but two years ago, when Heather asked her mum for another…

Mother: We were traveling back from Italy on the plane, and she just got frustrated because she
couldn’t hear what I was saying. And it was from that point it took us 14 months to secure the
funding to be able to have an implant.

Narr: Now “nice?” the body that advises the government on funding treatments,has indicated that it likes the idea of two implants in children, and supports the wider use of the technology in adults.
That news has been welcome to a Nottingham based charity.

Woman: Two years ago, I had been on BBC’s Midlands Today, when I had started the campaign. At that time, of course, parents were actually taking a second mortgage on their house to provide a second implant for their children.

Narr: Some in the deaf community oppose cochlear implants, claiming it undermines the use of sign
language. But, in the future, it looks more likely that parents who want two implants for their children, won’t have to go through the fight Heather’s did.

?, East Minister Today.


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