Finding Captioned Movie Trailers from Movie Sites

This may be only for the more technical of you.

This solution requires Firefox, the Greasemonkey add on, and “the movie dude” Greasemonkey script.

Starting with Firefox, add the greasemonkey add-on by going to the Greasemonkey add on and clicking install.

This will require restarting Firefox.

[edit 2008-09-05] The following steps aren’t necessary if you just use the one I edited[/edit]

Then go to this page, and install the movie dude user script by clicking on install.

Easy so far, right?

Here’s the editing part:

For me on Vista, the user.js script is located in C:\Users\Bill\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\g6….\gm_scripts\the_movie_dude\the_movie_dude.user.js

You may be able to find your location by doing an extended search for “the_movie_dude.user.js” in windows.

Open the js file, and look for “sites”. (I use notepad++ based on scite, to make it easier to read)

Add these site definitions:

overstream: {
name: "Overstream",
xpath: "//b[@class='sans']",
icon: "",
link: "{search}&s=search&a=1&pt=1&pn=1&pc=1&pu=1&pl=1",
tubecaption: {
name: "tubecaption",
xpath: "//b[@class='sans']",
icon: "",
link: "{search}",

I put them at the end after Yahoo, where they are easier to find. Save and close.

If all worked, you should see this when you go to Yahoo Movies “Traitor” movie page – The blue is the section added by the script.


The Movie Dude Greasemonkey Addon
The Movie Dude Greasemonkey Addon

Click on Overstream or Tubecaption, to get the search results for that movie on those websites.
(overstream has the result for “Traitor”).

Cool, huh?

Ok, maybe some of you are lost. OK, you can still use to find your movies. I’ll look for other, easier ways.


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