Playing with Captioned Video Search

Hey, since it’s tough to find what videos have closed captions, I have started up couple of different search ideas to look for stuff at sites that provide captioned video.

My Search: is a homegrown idea, that pulls the results from different sites search functions. This will be flexible, in that I can use vodpod to save videos that are not on the main sites, and add them to the results, and I will be able to add a separate database to list other video links, such as hulu videos that have captioning, link by link. I should also be able to customize the searches, so that I can check sites like Google Video that include the ability to search by whether the video has captioning.

Google Search This is a custom Google search, limiting the search to sites with known caption density, such as TubeCaption, Overstream, and Project ReadOn.

It seems like started to do this, but never really got it working well. At least I never got any satisfying results.

Let me know what you think!

If anyone has some experience, I would like to see about modifying this greasemonkey script for Firefox, to look for captioned version of the YouTube videos, instead of lyrics.


3 thoughts on “Playing with Captioned Video Search

  1. Please add any comments or suggestions. This is VERY “version .01” I just say down with an hour, and started working on it.

    I am getting the idea from the visits that it may be worth developing more, but no one has commented.


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