Tropic Thunder, R Rated Trailer Captioned

Well, Transcribed really. I haven’t got the timing worked out – TubeCaption’s quick import doesn’t let me move a group at a time, so I got frustrated.There is a transcript below you can look at – I probably won’t work on it any more.

Anyway, it contains some to the scenes about “Simple Jack” , a character in a movie that Ben Stiller’s character played in.

R rated – so if you have young hearing ears around, just know there is some swearing.


6 thoughts on “Tropic Thunder, R Rated Trailer Captioned

  1. A satire on Hollywood’s filmmaking. The captioning was not timely. How disappointing. I’d even prefer the phonics-based closed captioning to that kind of captioning.


  2. *Laughs*

    Yea, I was getting frustrated, and running out of time, but I wanted to get the words out, and the video too. I’ll fix it – I have been getting some help and hints from the good folks at TubeCaption.

    What’s phonics-based closed captioning?

    (The regular green trailer doesn’t have the clips about Simple Jack)

    Honestly though – the movie makes fun of the actor, not people with mental challenges. But I have never seen so many coarse words captioned! I’m not usually an “R” rated movie person. I enjoy my “R” movies to be “edited for TV” version.


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