Children of a Lesser God Trailer – Captioned

James Leeds (William Hurt), a handsome and dedicated teacher, just started his new assignment at an elite school for the deaf. Immediately, James begins using unconventional teaching methods to reach his students. Sure enough, he manages to inspire the most introverted pupils to participate in class. But there’s one person James hasn’t been able to reach: the deaf custodian, Sarah Norman (Marlee Matlin) More

Genres: Drama, Romance and Adaptation

Running Time: 1 hr. 50 min.

MPAA Rating: R

Distributors: Paramount Pictures

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2 thoughts on “Children of a Lesser God Trailer – Captioned

  1. Very interesting, I think closed caption should be shown some automatically when Marlee does not sign in the first movie. Marlee says,”Why?” after Hurt tells him he wants to teach her speech”. Off screen, some deaf people said she took speech class. Wonder what hearing or Deaf audiences think of that? Most Deaf people will never be able to talk like hearing people do, cuz it takes years and years for teachers to correct their speech. Waste Yes…Deaf children need academics to feed their brains than speech. I teach ASL in the sign language class at university near my hometown…most students major in audiology because they wants to teach deaf children speech…Interesting? Nothing new?? Speech is their main concern for deaf children than academics. I assume AGB has a big influence all over the world.


  2. I am proud of children of laser of god and there is 4 of who went to mssd made movie back in 1985. my wife said gosh your classmates and she met of my mssd reuinon and i said that my classmates. so hope keep more deaf movies keep going in future could be Deaf channel on tv like hbo and basic tv. one of them. WHO Knows.


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