Terminator Salvation – Subtitled Teaser Trailer

Terminator Teaser Trailer: In-Theatre Trailers not captioned. (Y’all knew this – I didn’t.) I don’t normally post movie trailers unless I know they are coming in captioned format. I went to a MoPix feature with my daughter Saturday, a fundraiser for Visually Impaired Persons for Progress, and grabbed a headset and a reflector. My daughter used the reflector, and loved having captions (she has no hearing loss) . But it annoyed me that none of the trailers were captioned. Everyone is sitting there, watching the trailers, but the LED is just there to adjust.

This could be done better. The captioning is there, right?

Terminator Salvation:http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1810025211/info

Vodpod videos no longer available.


3 thoughts on “Terminator Salvation – Subtitled Teaser Trailer

  1. Hi Bill,

    Will we be truly tired of the overexposures of Christian Bales in several latest films from “The Dark Knight” to “other films out at the theatre this year?

    I always enjoy Christian Bale’s superbu performances since his first film, “Empire of the Sun”. He is really a very versitale actor and know how to get in the real character of his film roles. His “American Psycho” film role still give me the chills. I haven’t seen “The Machinist” film yet and want to see it with his bony & starved body as opposed to his vanity body in “American Psycho”.

    Actor Christian Bale recently got arrested for assaulting his own mother and sister yesterday (7/22). *sigh* Bale denied the whole thing.

    Will the “Sarah Connors Chronicles” tv show lead to the tiresome response to the “T Salvation” film next summer 2009.

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)
    RLMDEAF blog


  2. Bill,

    I am all the way with you about the lack of captions for film trailers before the screening of open-captioned film.



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