Yes! YouTube Adds Captioning Capability!

Well, it’s not called captioning, it’s called annotations, but it works similar to the bubblyply implementation. Video annotations, once published, are shown by default. You can turn them off while watching a video through the “Menu” button on the bottom right of the video player. You can only annotate your own videos, by the way.

Now if they can work on this “video not available” message I keep getting….

Here’s a Sweet Nothing Trailer I started to caption. If it doesn’t show annotations, it may be wordpress fault,
try it on youtube

Announcement and description

Help with Video Annotations


14 thoughts on “Yes! YouTube Adds Captioning Capability!

    Option 1:

    1. Click “Account” at the top of any page.
    2. Under “Manage My Videos”, click “Videos, Favorites, & Playlists”.
    3. Find the video you’d like to add annotations to.
    4. Click the “Annotate Video” button.

    Option 2:

    1. Choose to play one of your videos.
    2. At the bottom of your video description box (on the right) you have “Video Owner Options” on a blue background.
    3. Click the “Add/Edit Annotations” button.

    To Edit:
    1. Start playing your video, if it’s not already playing using the “Preview” button.
    2. At the moment you want to add an annotation, click on the appropriate “+” icon on the top left corner. You can add annotations that are Speech Bubbles, Notes, or Spotlights with text.
    3. Enter your text. You can edit your annotation on the video itself:
    1. Edit text as you type;
    2. Drag and drop annotations anywhere you want;
    3. To resize an annotation, roll over the edge until you see little dots. Click and drag the dots to resize. A speech bubble has an additional resizing dot on the pointer.
    4. You can see all your annotations listed on the left side. Here you have advanced editing options:
    1. You can add a URL link to your annotation. It could be a link to either a specific YouTube Video, or a user Channel, or a YouTube Search result page.
    2. You can change the time both start and finish, manually. An annotation’s default start time is when you click to add it (“+” icon). The default end time is 5 seconds later. To change this, just enter the start and finish times you want in [H:MM:SS.s] format. For instance, [0:01:05.2] means 1 minute, 5.2 seconds into the video.
    3. You can delete annotations from the list on the left. Click [x] on the upper right corner of the annotation you want to delete.


  2. Hi, thanks for that! had it been around on youtube for long time that I overlooked or is it new?

    I do think it may be more annoying with this big white thing popping up on videos. I think for someone using sign language in videos it’s better to have subtitles at the bottom.

    It’s great to be able to turn the annotations on and off on same screen.


  3. Great write-up! I actually stumbled upon the Annotations feature on YouTube this morning and used it to caption one of my videos. I was curious to see how many people in the blogosphere had blogged about this new feature, so I Googled and found your post. It’s nice to know about your site. I’ll add it to my blog roll. 🙂


  4. The best feature of YouTube annotations is the URL tag links, probably doesn’t work on WordPress because the coding is set for YouTube only.
    I find that too many annotations spoil the vid.

    Best using Tubecaption where you can insert text in a timeline and the search engines crawl the inserted content rather than just the title.


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