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As funnyoldlife said in the request, “it’s so ironic… about deafness but no subtitles.” Add to that he’s a musician, it’s about raising deaf awareness, the bbc’s official policies supporting accessibility.. – It’d be laughable, if it weren’t so sad. And the interview seems like a singer and a reporter that have no idea what they are talking about. A new level of ignorance?

I couldn’t find any legal or illegal ways to download/subtitle this, so I just put a transcript below.
It’s not a perfect word for word transcript, but it’s close.

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[bryan] Some of them are colleagues, that I have worked with,some of them, a lot of them musicians,some are actors, all of them have taken an interest in being a part of, you know, raising awareness for hearing.

[bbc] All of these photos where taken by Bryan Adams.The singer asked other celebrities to pose for him, to draw attention to hearing loss.

[bryan] I think for everybody it’s really important. We spend as much time working with our eyes, and trying to keep ourselves as healthy as possible. So why not take the time to think about your hearing as well?I think that there is a stigma attached to hearing, – most people associate hearing loss with the elderly, whereas it actually affects every age group.

[bbc] As a musician, Bryan Adams is well aware of the importance of sound and hearing. But for these deaf people, Angela and Mario, they say living with their disability is often a daily struggle. There are so many hurdles, Angela says, that not enough information. We have problems on public transport, there aren’t many signs for us. Mario says it’s difficult to get a job, because companies are reluctant to hire deaf people.

[unamed guy] More than 500 million people are affected by hearing loss. That creates a problem, because typically, it means that they don’t understand language in a very good way, which typically leads to social isolation, which again can typically lead to depression or other psychological problems.

[crowd noise, muffled voices]

[bbc] There was a big crowd at the opening of the exhibition. Campaigners are hoping it will raise awareness of hearing loss, a serious condition that is often ignored by society.

Tristana Moore, BBC News, Berlin.

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