MM on Ryan Seacrest

MM on the morning of the Samba, discussing Dancing with the Stars, Sweet Nothing in My Ear, and who is and isn’t hitting on her.

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5 thoughts on “MM on Ryan Seacrest

  1. I am also with Ecnarb1 about showing our appreciation toward Bill for taking his time to caption the E! interview with Marlee Maltin.

    After viewing this interview, I lost my respect for Ryan Seacrest for being patronized and ignorant toward MM and the rest of deaf people. Pfft to Ryan Seacrest!



  2. This video is great! My date sent it to me and I loved it! I thank Ryan for having Marlee on his show and hello it’s radio! That’s a big deal, including Deaf people on radio, a media previously not open to us. I am glad he is open-minded and a fun person. Ryan included everyone on his show.

    I am also glad that Marlee was brave enough to do radio and she even uses her voice a few times so we know she’s not or seems like she is not uncomfortable. I know I would be afraid to do radio and she is assertive about her life and the things she does, like Dancing With the Stars, talking on radio, being an actress. I know I could not do any of those things without being a nervous wreck and messing up. I certainly could not do radio, I would be so uncomfortable about it. She demands equality without being angry. I admire that and commend her for it. Her grace and knowing when to tell Ryan to stop, for example, is wonderful and makes her a beautiful person.

    ** my two cents**


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