MM on Jimmy Kimmel Live 4/22/2008 – Subtitled

[EDIT: The Video I used from YouTube “has been removed due to terms of use violation”. There were several other copies, many were already removed, I put another one it, but now the timing is off…fix it later, if the youtube video stays up.]
Marlee Matlin on Jimmy Kimmel Live, after being voted off Dancing with the Stars.

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9 thoughts on “MM on Jimmy Kimmel Live 4/22/2008 – Subtitled

  1. Hilarious clip, I loved it! I loved the banter between Brad and Jack, really hilarious and he broke the Code of Ethics and getting away with it. I absolutely love it! Thank you for subtitling it! You Rock!


  2. Wow, It’s real nice job to have the good answers from their questions by Marlee Matlin who said it all. She is so beautiful with this outfit that she wore it in Jimmy Kimmel’s show that I like the best costume. I am glad she wore it again for Jimmy Kimmell s how. I know she did the best she can after all she worked so hard to dance. I do appreciate to show the evidence that Deaf people can do or can’t do from their own knowledge of being deaf.

    Now I have seen her change for a better Deaf Role Model for those Deaf children out there. I appreciated her effort to tell the whole world that we Deaf people can do anything except hear. That’s a good thing about being deaf as is. πŸ™‚

    It s nice to see the positive reinforcement of Deaf Role Model for the Deaf community that I respect her all the way.

    I also thanked Jimmy Kimmell for having his own positive attitude of Deaf people of the Deaf community for a real change that is a great thing to be said by a hearing person.

    Be thankful for or by being deaf as always. πŸ™‚



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