Caption Readers, Can I ask your Help?

I have recently been accepted to the board Deaf and Hard of Hearing services. ( They have asked each member to come up with a list of fifteen contacts to receive the donation request letter. I am feeling pushed into surrendering 15 friends’ addresses to the horror of paper waste that is a donation letter. I joined the board, because I have other ways that I can help. But right now, we need a financial boost.

If there are fifteen people out there who would be willing to send their address to me, so that Deaf and Hard of Hearing services could send you a donation request, it would take care of the “letter” of the obligation that I need to fulfill as a board member. If you are willing to help me in this way, use this form – your address will not appear on this website, and will not be used by me personally in any way shape or form. And don’t feel that if you give me the address that you have to give.

Really it’s a good cause – Deaf and Hard of Services provides interpreter referrals, job counseling, ASL classes, social work, etc., (, and is worthy of your help. I have also set up a donation page for the dhhs at if you would like to donate directly to DHHS (a 501c, United Way charity), and it would really be helpful to receive any donation.

Thanks for reading!