New Videos on Sweet Nothing in My Ear

Captioned Cast Interviews
Jeff Daniels, Marlee Matlin, Joseph Sargeant, Steven Sachs
Un-Captioned Hallmark Trailer:|10001|10051|/HallmarkSite/HallmarkHallOfFame/HHOF_TOP


4 thoughts on “New Videos on Sweet Nothing in My Ear

  1. Our Deaf Community have been chatting about this movie. It was good that they made a Movie w/ so many deaf Actor’s & Actress’s in it. About how Mrs Miller wanted her son to be the same as her. Give him her Culture & History of Deaf. But even throu Mr. Miller was a part of his wife’s Community Deaf. He still didn’t relize the part of CI’S. Yes some do get CI. They might be part of the Deaf Community, In my eyes they don’t hold our Culture. There’s more about CI’S that hearing people don’t relize.
    The movie Children of a lessier God , Was another good movie about the Deaf Community, Culture & History.
    If you have a deaf child ? Please do research, before any surgey’s on your child’s ear’s. Their Schooling is very important also. A good Deaf school may help alot. Yes some do main stream. but maybe they should be in a school setting w/other peer’s of them self!
    Thank You, hope this helps some people understand more about us,


  2. I heard about this movie and I missed it. I was wondering if the movie will be playing again in the near future or will there be a video coming out soon? I would love to be able to see the movie.



  3. I am sure Hallmark will sell it – I thought I heard something about it coming out in June, but I don’t have confirmation about that yet.


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