Amy Ecklund, Deaf Actress on Guiding Light 1996 – Captioned Clip

Amy Ecklund originated the role of Abigail Blume on Guiding Light in August 1995.

Amy lost her hearing at age six due to an illness. She’s been interested in acting since age eight. Amy speaks and read lips and knows ASL (American Sign Language). In 1999, Ecklund underwent an operation known as a cochlear implant and her hearing was restored with the aid of the implant.

Amy was born in Reno, NV on June 25th. She was raised by her parents, Amy and Robert Cox, in Austin, TX. She has three siblings. She is married to Jon Ecklund. She enjoys writing, cooking, reading, running, and sewing.
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2 thoughts on “Amy Ecklund, Deaf Actress on Guiding Light 1996 – Captioned Clip

  1. Me, either. I am so glad that you constantly, from time to time, find any TV programs, talk show and movie where deaf people are/were in, and add captions to it for us, deaf people to enjoy viewing. Thank you.


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