Heather Whitestone- Miss America 1995 (deaf) – Contest/Speech

Heather Whitestone, Deaf, Miss America 1995 – Contest and FFA speech.

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5 thoughts on “Heather Whitestone- Miss America 1995 (deaf) – Contest/Speech

  1. What has become of Heather Whitestone since she married to a legislator
    Mr. McCallum? A full-time housewife?


  2. As I just listened what she trying to say about the bible verse is Jeremiah 17:7-8 in her speech. Thanks for sharing, Bill.


  3. She is married to John McCallum, a former Congressional aide, has two children and they have founded a company that sells skin care products and has received a cochlear implant in one ear (she still uses a hearing aide in the other). She says her hearing has been greatly improved.


  4. hello, heather i was sooo proud of you as you picked as miss america . the deaf people can be what they want to be. thank you.i am deaf in one ear and maybe 15 % of the ear and wear a hearing aide as i was affected by having menejustis in early 50″ i was lucky to live.. i was wondering if it possible you counld speak for deaf and hard of hearing camp wonderhands in sc. its the first week of june this year. we have 40 children ages 7-15. also i am having mrs. ameria which she is from our small town of leesville coming too.she went to school with my son. her name is garrianne philps gunter. she is in mental health, will be a doctor and married and a 3yrs. old. very smart and very levered head.she won past july in la Vegas. please let me know. evie robertson 510 long terrace,leesville,sc 29070 robertson5038@bellsouth.net if you can send us or maybe send 50 pics. with you signing that would be wonderful.. have a wonderful and happy holidays ahead..thanks you sooo much. as ever, evie


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