Phyllis Frelich,Deaf Actress in Sweet Nothing in My Ear

The Hallmark Hall of Fame site now has more complete information on their front page about “Sweet Nothing in My Ear”, including bios on some of the cast.

As Tate Fuller noted that the boy actor in the Sweet Nothing in my Ear is Noah Valencia, deaf child of deaf parents.

Phyllis Frelich was also born deaf. (I would have known that if I had seen Jamie Berke’s list of Famous Deaf before today). Phyllis was born on Feburary 29, 1944, the oldest of 9 children. She attended North Dakota School for the Deaf, graduating in 1962. She went on to Gallaudet College (renamed Gallaudet University), actively participating in theater there. She finally made her debut on April 2, 1967, on the NBC nationwide program, “Theatre of the Deaf”.  More from imdb.

She’s been in several things from Barney Miller to Sue Thomas: Private Eye.

You can see her here signing the National Anthem with Jewel Singing.


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  1. when is that movie starting “Sweet Nothing In My Ears” and also, what channel for directv that we live and have that satelite? please let usknow asap you get message from us thanks so much


  2. Looking forward to the movie! I did a blog about this movie and how it relates to “Elective Disability.” Kind of somehow related to it which I don’t think many people even bother to think about. If anyone wants to check on my blog, click on Candy above.


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